Micron Micronizer


Micron Micronizer is a Max for Live instrument with a microtonal sampler and 256-voice polyphony. Drag and drop a sound file into the box and use this device to retune sound samples in an n-EDO system and a variable tuning pitch. The event processing stage parses MIDI input into pitch and velocity values. The pitch values are sent to my Microtonal MIDI-to-Frequency component and are retuned according to the selected tuning system, tuning frequency, and chromatic mode. These values are adjustable to the sound sample’s frequency using the FREQ parameter as well as the starting key placement using the CENTER parameter. The velocity values are sent to a depth function that places the velocity sensitivity on a binary logarithmic scale. These values also use ATTACK to ramp up and RELEASE to ramp down to and from the depth value in milliseconds. The signal processing phase takes the audio signal outputs from the poly~ patch and sends it to the LEVEL, which sets the output gain.

The pitch value is sent to the Microtonal MIDI-to-Frequency component comprising of an Align function, a Modal function, and a Tonal function. The Align function shifts the input pitch to calibrate the change of the tuning pitch. TUNE selects an integer as a tuning pitch congruent to the chromatic scale: C32Hz–B63Hz. The Modal function selects the chromatic MODE from the selected SYSTEM, then shifts the PITCH accordingly. SYSTEM selects the quantity of tones per register on a binary logarithmic scale: 12–36 tones. MODE selects the quality of tones through the mode of the chromatic scale parsed into the selected SYSTEM. PITCH selects the quantity of tones within the selected SYSTEM to be shifted upwards. The Tonal function converts the input pitch in the selected SYSTEM from a linear scale to a logarithmic scale and sets it to the TUNE integer.